Dental Fillings

Denison, TX Dental Fillings 

Restorative Dentistry to Correct Decay or Chipped Teeth

Do you have a cavity? If you’re not sure, but you have persistent pain in your mouth, the answer could be “yes.” The good news is that the problem is fixable with the straightforward solution of placing dental fillings. This first-line treatment for tooth decay can be made in many types of materials, but our dental office only uses porcelain and composite resin, because these materials are durable and virtually undetectable due to shade matching to your surrounding teeth – gone are the days of painfully obvious gold or silver fillings. 

The Process of a Dental Filling Appointment

When you come to our office to fix a cavity or chip in your tooth, you can expect the following steps: 

  1. Numbing medication so you feel no pain, only pressure
  2. Removal of tooth decay in the affected tooth
  3. Bonding agent application 
  4. Materials applied and hardened with a light
  5. Shaping, smoothing, and polishing of the new filling

Am I Able to Get a Dental Filling? 

Those who are the best candidates for dental fillings typically have mild or moderate tooth decay. Patients whose tooth decay is too extensive for dental fillings to be the best solution may instead opt for dental crowns after a root canal or dental implant surgery. Rest assured, you will be presented with all of your treatment options and provided thorough information about what to expect so you can make the best decision for your needs that falls in line with your budget. 

To book a dental exam and cleaning with Denison Dental, please contact us today at (903) 451-7700 for an appointment.

  • "My kids and I have been coming here for 2 years and we love it here!"

    - Katie Babb
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